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Gaëlle Cressent is a visual artist. Born in Paris, she lives and works in Nantes since 2012. His work is carried out in sculptures, installations, photographs and videos. After his studies in Strasbourg, with Edith
Dekyndt continues her plastic research around the object and the territory, and the dialectic that is born
the meeting of its two terms. In line with Marcel Duchamp’s Ready Made, it transposes objects
«without affect», towards poetic territories. From her training as a photographer previously conducted in Paris, she keeps
an approach by the surface of the objects it works. From the habit of putting the world flat thanks to the mirror of
She’s trying to bring this false flatness back into our reality.

It implements a system of drift both formal and conceptual. Its very varied productions make
often objects of small series, referring to the industrial appearance of the elements it uses. Each project has its own history and concept.
At Gaelle Cressent there is not a practice, a style, but groups of forms that come together in
measure of their invention. The creation of a world that would be between it and the world already existing.
Since there is not a single path followed but several, it is to each project a new questioning.
Willingly bringing this range of technique closer to the heterogeneity of the living, his practice thus becomes a mirror
heterogeneous from the real.