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Anne-Sophie Le Creurer was born in 1985. Graduated from the D.N.A.P of the Fine Arts of Rennes in 2008, she made her debut with the fanzine Mademoiselle age bête, and then made video-clips within the duo Weirdettes. In turn, she oscillates between solo musical projects (Saintes, Areva, 4th T), has produced pieces for the happenings of Rafaëla Lopez (Synchronized Sculpture (with Georgia René Worms); Summer Event; States of Souls). Beyond musical experimentation, his plastic approach questions, through drawing, society and its ways of consuming, communicating and behaving. Through productions, influenced by sociology in particular through cultural studies – which attempt to visualize the environment and the world around us – the place of women, supermarket shelves, architecture, pop culture, capitalism, junk food, human relations, science fiction These “designed paradigms” microphones take the form of images, graphic stories, embroideries, cartoons.