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In his work, Exoterrism (Fan Yau born in Hong Kong 1987), seeks to overcome the separation between geometrical consciousness and the coming four dimensional perception. Influenced by esoteric systems, Yau often engages computer processed algorithms, as well as errors, feedback and chaotic functions.

Constantly seeking for new sounds and synthesizing techniques, he researches the links and differences in human rational, scientific thinking and our existence as a spiritual being in the universe. Through experimentations of sound and its reaction on the human body, Exoterrism aims at creating short term hallucinations or extra-terrestrial experiences. Once technology has surpassed the current notion of space and time, patterns repeating through a multidimensional expanding dynamic system are feed-backing through the present moment.

Exoterrism is a Chinese fugitive, ex-shaolin, triad of WanChai (Hong Kong). He mainly manipulates Feng Shui, QiGong, Chaotic functions, and Algorithms to produce unstable phenomenons between dimensions. His influences comes from radioactive frequencies, extra-sensorial perceptions, synaesthetics, post-apocalyptic mayhem, the nasdaq stock market and the jungle.