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Pioneer of electronica and multi-instrumentalist, his live performances are “waking up the body without neglecting the brain” (Le Monde 07/06/1999). He has also worked with many household names (Peaches, Gonzales, Taraf de Haïdouk, Diane Tell, Tony Allen) and has composed for Cirque Contemporain and Dance (Philippe Decouflé), Haute-Couture (Jean-Paul Gaultier) and films (Fabianny Deschamps).
He was also the creator of the project-character Nicolas Police and improvises techno under the pseudonym The Dance Hole.
From record to record, “always atypical” (Libération 01/09/2016), he can’t stop creating new unclassifiable hybrid musical universes. He got a taste for experiments where post punk, electro, afro, trap and even orchestral fuse together. A kind of David Byrn from Belleville Hills.