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Interview William Nurdin


1 – William Nurdin, active pluri instrumentist, born in 1980.
Sonically active for over 17 years.

WN, trained as a guitarist and eager of instrumental knowledge, has been studying music since 1993.

Field recordist since the acquisition in 1996 of a MiniDisc recorder.

For the past few years, WN is
“flowing, fluid” interdisciplinary carefully random orchestrated human,
like a spontaneous indeterminacy aktionist.

Also known for producing some concrete music experimental noise as Nurdin William, Harsh Noise Wall with his Clougnioule moniker, as well as being the head of the ROHS Prod. label and playing in numerous other projects, William Nurdin uses his real name when working with field recordings.

He plays in various musical formations, operating in turn guitar ,electronic organ, trumophone, drums ,duck call.

For eight years, WN has been conducting a free radio program, ‘ A Propos de Minos’, a weekly open stage, aired every Monday -09pm to 11pm- live from wherever WN may be.

He is also running with Gregory Henrion the “Bruitisme” Festival.

Every Years he is trying to find a place where “die destruktion” festival will take place.

He is also working with theater company has an actor,
or video designer (lumino dynamics, mapping…),
or has an animator for the Instrumentarium of Recycled Object called ” L’Antre Sonore”.

WN has a degree (BTS) in sound engineering and informatic networks management.

WN currently lives in Nancy (fr-54).

2 – Facial Gesture Recognation, using my face movement to control sound.
My unik projekt with a computer. I don’t want to touch it. Im trying to understand it. We are playing a game together. But the machine is the rules.

3 – Finding a way to bend realities. Searching new form of classical material to turn it into the way you need.

4 – A pixel is te smallest addressable element in an all points addressable display device. For me it’s a metaphore about Being alone plug into this world swimming together into the same swimming pool. Trying to build a nice pictures of us. Activated together at the same clock.

5 – Im sorry but genres and categories is not my “cup of tea”. We are recycling everything together.