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Supercollider Workshop with Exoterrism

Chaussée de Louvain 242,
1000 Région de Bruxelles-Capital

This intensive workshop welcomes participants of any discipline with or without prior programming or musical experience. The class is aimed at musicians, composers, researchers, sound artists, programmers, and all computer & electronic music enthusiasts interested in learning more about SuperCollider and audiosynthesis. The instructor will guide you through the creation of your first sounds, instruments, effects and composition in SuperCollider. If you have some prior experience with SuperCollider or other similar software, you will be able to move more quickly into advanced topics with help and advice from the instructor.

Topics covered:
• Basics of the langue, Synth Server& the Language
•Building your own instruments with SynthDefs
•Sequencing patterns with Pdef
•Basics of sound synthesis : Amplitude and Ring Modulation, LFO and Frequency Modulation, Additive synthesis, Subtractive synthesis with filters and envelopes.
•Basic of audio signal processing : How to create a simple low/hi pass filter , how to create effects with feedback and delays.
•Algorithmic composition
•Making an instrumental piece with tasks, events and routines.

Maximum 5 people – 20€ for the 2 days.