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RadioArt Summer Camp

West Germany Venue
Skalitzer Str. 133, 10999 Berlin

Workshop : RadioArt Summer Camp
10:00 Saturday 10th August – 5€
RadioArt Summer Camp is a new event for RadioArt practionners and curious people to join and creates a place for experimentation with Radio from its Electromagnetic basic reception to its most advanced internet live broadcasting system with mulitples sources/receivers.

Electropixel9 proposes with Kasia Justka, Seamus O’Donnell, Colaboradio and West Germany a new form of symposium and open workshop using RadioArt as main driving practices to join the many communities of the genre.

(((((())))))) 5€ to join the all day of RadioArt Summer Camp Berlin!

☛Join Radio Workshop Party! 12pm to 4pm

– build your own diy radio pirate
-hack your FM radio receiver and join the Radio Noise Collective for a crazy radio waves performance
-build EMF antenna to sniff electromagnetic waves in Berlin
-create your own webradio and start to broadcast on the WWW in less than 1 hour!!
-join a DIY Telephone Feedback performance

****** propose your own workshop now! orga_at_apo33_dot_org

With a great Radio Noise Parade! in the West Germany surroundings
Join with whatever radio instrument you use or hackdevice to make noise and play in our parade!

join the Parade!! msg here: orga_at_apo33_dot_org

☛ RadioNight Performances and Djings – 5pm to 7.30pm

Colaboradio / Apo33 programmation with differents musicians, DJs, bands:

    Radio Noise Collective
    Kasia Justka – Electromagnetic queen of noise
    Knifeloop -radio punknoise indusharsh
    frgmnt – superhack radio waves electronic cracks
    Darsha Hewitt – diy raw 555 electronics harsh electronics
    Mudbody – synth drone-meditation
    DJRubbish – radio craps and speed tek

☛ Aperitif Radio Performance – 8pm


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