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Workshop Network Orchestra and Streaming


Chaussée de Louvain 242,
1000 Région de Bruxelles-Capital

An international online orchestra developed by APO33 whose goal is to create a place for networked performance. “Great International Audio Streaming Orchestra” uses a bidirectional multiplex platform to perform and mix different audio sources via streaming. Over the time of the performance, streams (web-transmission) are re-made in the ‘local’ space using a system based on mixing multiple audio-streams through a spatial diffusion. GIASO creates a distributed orchestra, where musicians and composers can become virtual entities that emerge from a global community of nodes – audio explorers and performers’ networks.

what will you do?

  • learn how to use Butt – Free libre software for Real-time audio streaming-exchange audio streaming and collaborate with an online orchestra
  • play live with the Orchestra in the evening
  • workshop+concert participation – 5€