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Orchestra For Females And Laptops

A collective of female laptopists who want to make music with other female laptopists. With Joanne Armitage, Lina Bautista, Alexandra Cardenas, Lucy Cheeseman, Rachel Devorah, Libertad Figueroa, Annie Goh, Shelly Knotts, Diana Medina, Jenny Pickett, Dorien Schampert, Amble Skuse, Andrea Young.

OFFAL is an international collective of women laptop performers who devise performances involving multi-location collaborative improvisation. The group was formed in 2015 in response to research around gender in digital technology and laptop ensemble practice . As a non-hierarchical collective it aims to connect an international group of women engaged in electronic music by developing technological systems and organisational structures that facilitate collaboration. The group provides a platform for the creation and performance of new laptop music by women.