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Ruido is a Portuguese London based artist. A self taught producer/performer who worked in numerous projects since the end of the 90’s. From sound design on Speedo, Sony, Mitra adverts to projects with artists like Arthur Baker, Chuck Prophet, Joe Ambrose.
By the end of 2010 he started his own laber 19thStudio so he could have a platform for releasing his own experimental work and pieces. He studied on Kensington and Chelsea College, Mary Ward Centre and Goldsmiths University.
His work are defined as soundscapes recorded as past memories from his travels and life circumstances. He then manipulates and uses those sounds to recreate his experiences throughout sounds, melodies and rhythms with the objective of transferring the same feelings he had during those times.
These soundscapes are a representation of a city man getting out of his comfort zone and finding the beauty on that unique ordeal.
Ruido is also into building new instruments, which are to be used to generate those unique soundscapes.